Complete History of changes in 2002

27-Dec-2002 Rogers at Dundas & Guelph Line (Burlington)
19-Dec-2002 Rogers GSM at Orbitor & Explorer (Mississauga)
17-Dec-2002 Rogers GSM at Hurontario & Eglinton (Mississauga)
13-Dec-2002 Added Review of the Motorola V120x
08-Dec-2002 Telus PCS at Airport Road & American Drive (Malton)
Rogers at Fifty Road & QEW (Stoney Creek)
06-Dec-2002 Added Full Review of the Ericsson T206
29-Nov-2002 Telus PCS at Rogers Road & Keele (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Dundas & Lansdowne (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Warden & Eglinton (Scarborough)
Telus PCS at Markham Road & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Telus PCS at Neilson & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Telus PCS at Neilson & Sewells (Scarborough)
24-Nov-2002 Added Review of the Nokia 6310i
Added Mini-Review of the Samsung A520
22-Nov-2002 Bell Mobility at Olde Baseline Road & Hurontario (Caledon)
20-Nov-2002 Added Review of the Samsung R225 / N625
16-Nov-2002 Telus PCS at Kingston & Victoria Park (Scarborough)
15-Nov-2002 Bell Mobility at Hurontario & Mayfield (Brampton)
12-Nov-2002 Bell Mobility at Aurora Road & Hwy 404 (Newmarket)
Bell Mobility at Webb & Brock Road (Uxbridge)
Telus Mike on Islington north of Langstaff (Woodbridge)
Telus Mike at Dufferin & King-Vaughan Road (Vaughan)
Telus Mike on East Beaver Creek, east of Leslie (Richmond Hill)
Telus Mike near Tapscott & Finch (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Mulock & CN Tracks (Newmarket)
11-Nov-2002 Added Review of the Samsung A540
10-Nov-2002 Telus PCS at Huron & Battler (Kitchener)
02-Nov-2002 Telus PCS inside Scarborough Town Centre (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at Birchmount & Eglinton (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at Warden & St. Clair (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Leslie & York Mills (North York)
01-Nov-2002 Added Review of the Nokia 3590
07-Oct-2002 Telus Mike at Woodbine & Danforth (Toronto)
01-Oct-2002 Telus PCS on Highway 27 south Kirby (Kleinberg)
Telus PCS on Russell Snider Road (Nobleton)
30-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at D'Arcy & Main (Newmarket)
Telus PCS at Queen & University (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Queen & Sherbourne (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Queen & Victoria Park (The Beaches)
Bell Mobility at Bayview & York Mills (North York)
29-Sep-2002 Bell Mobility at Airport Road & Old Base Line (Caledon)
22-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at McCowan & Eglinton (Scarborough)
Telus PCS on Midland south of Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Telus PCS at Gerrard & River Street (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Carlaw & Gowan (Toronto)
21-Sep-2002 Bell Mobility at Kennedy & Lawrence (Scarborough)
19-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at Royal York & Norseman (Etobicoke)
15-Sep-2002 Added review of the Ericsson T200
14-Sep-2002 Telus Mike at Town Line & Lakeridge (Pickering)
12-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at Dixon & Hwy 427 (Mississauga)
Telus PCS at Lawrence & Bathurst (North York)
Microcell Connexions at Trethewey & Black Creek (North York)
Telus Mike at John & Bayview (Thornhill)
Telus Mike at Richmond & University (Toronto)
Telus Mike at York & Front (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Lakeshore east of Royal York (Etobicoke)
Telus Mike at Lawrence east of Port Union Road (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Neilsen & Sewells (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Thornton & Hwy 401 (Oshawa)
Telus Mike at Brock & Hwy 2 (Pickering)
Telus Mike at Squires Beach & Clements (Pickering)
09-Sep-2002 Added review of the Motorola V60c
Telus PCS at Jane & Wilson (North York)
Rogers at Davis Drive & Hwy 48 (Newmarket)
Rogers on 10th Line behind Georgetown Golf Club (Georgetown)
Rogers at Boston Mills & Hwy 10 (Caledon)
Rogers at Wellington & Bradley (London)
Rogers at Geneva & Scott (St. Catharines)
Rogers at King & Conestoga Parkway (Kitchener)
08-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at Weston Road & The Humber River (Etobicoke)
Telus PCS at Islington & Dixon (Etobicoke)
Telus Mike at Albion Road & Hwy 27 (Etobicoke)
03-Sep-2002 Microcell Connexions at Hawthorne & Chemin Hunt Club (Ottawa)
02-Sep-2002 Telus PCS at Lorne Park & Lakeshore (Mississauga)
Telus PCS at Rebecca & Forsythe (Oakville)
Telus PCS repeater at Inverhouse & Lakeshore (Mississauga)
Telus PCS at Duffy's Lane & Old Church (Caledon)
Telus Mike at Duffy's Lane & Old Church (Caledon)
Rogers GSM at Duffy's Lane & Old Church (Caledon)
Bell Mobility at Duffy's Lane & Old Church (Caledon)
Telus PCS at Airport Road & Mayfield (Brampton)
Rogers at Taunton & Whites (Pickering)
31-Aug-2002 Telus PCS at Hwy 8 & Dundas (Peters Corners)
Telus PCS at Hwy 8 & Sheffield Road (Sheffield)
Telus PCS at Hwy 25 & Dundas (Palermo)
Telus Mike at Hwy 8 & Dundas (Peters Corners)
Telus Mike at Hwy 8 & Sheffield Road (Sheffield)
29-Aug-2002 Microcell Connexions at Sheppard & Weston (North York)
Telus PCS at Morning Star & Goreway (Mississauga)
24-Aug-2002 Microcell Connexions on Leslie north of Eglinton (East York)
Microcell Connexions at Don Mills & York Mills (North York)
22-Aug-2002 Added Review of the VTech A700
17-Aug-2002 Microcell Connexions at Dufferin & Gardiner Expressway (Toronto)
16-Aug-2002 Microcell Connexions at Finch & Hwy 427 (Etobicoke)
Microcell Connexions at Esther Lorrie & Kipling (Etobicoke)
04-Aug-2002 Microcell Connexions at Dufferin & Rogers Road (Toronto)
27-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at Town Centre & Apple Creek (Markham)
Microcell Connexions at 19th Avenue & Kennedy (Markham)
Added Review of the Motorola A388
22-Jul-2002 Telus PCS at Dundas & Hwy 6 (Waterdown)
Telus PCS at Safari Road & Hwy 6 (Flamborough)
Telus PCS at Main & Cootes (Hamilton)
Telus PCS at Thorold Stone Road & Kalar (Niagara Falls)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 405 & Niagara Parkway (Niagara Falls)
21-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at North Park & Bramalea Road (Brampton)
20-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at Warden & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at Scarborough Golf Club Road & Lawrence (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at Nonquon & Taunton (Oshawa)
Bell Mobility at Thickson & Dundas (Oshawa)
Bell Mobility at Lundy's Lane & Drummond (Niagara Falls)
17-Jul-2002 Added Review of the Samsung N105
12-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at Brock & Hwy 401 (Pickering)
11-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at Hurontario & Burnhamthorpe (Mississauga)
10-Jul-2002 Microcell Connexions at Jane & Steeles (North York)
08-Jul-2002 Telus Mike at Rexdale Boulevard & Hwy 27 (Etobicoke)
06-Jul-2002 Bell Mobility at Speedvale & Hwy 24 (Guelph)
05-Jul-2002 Telus Mike at Dundas & Shaver (Etobicoke)
29-Jun-2002 Microcell Connexions at New Street & Guelph Line (Burlington)
Bell Mobility at Glendale & Hwy 406 (St. Catharines)
25-Jun-2002 Rogers at 9th Concession & 20th Sideroad (Stroud)
23-Jun-2002 Bell Mobility at Paris Road & Hwy 403 (Brantford)
19-Jun-2002 Bell Mobility at Franklin & Pinebush (Cambridge)
11-Jun-2002 Telus PCS at Williams Parkway & Hurontario (Brampton)
08-Jun-2002 Telus PCS at Britannia & Hwy 407 (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Britannia & Hwy 407 (Mississauga)
06-Jun-2002 Added Review of the LG TM-520
05-Jun-2002 Added Review of the Motorola P270c
Microcell Connexions at King-Vaughan & Keele (King City)
01-Jun-2002 Microcell Connexions at Fitch & 1st Avenue (Welland)
31-May-2002 Bell Mobility at Dundas & Hwy 403 (Mississauga)
23-May-2002 Microcell Connexions at Bayview & Hwy 401 (North York)
Microcell Connexions at Leslie & York Mills (North York)
Microcell Connexions at Bermondsey & Eglinton (East York)
Microcell Connexions at O'Connor & Victoria Park (East York)
Microcell Connexions on Thorncliffe Park Drive (East York)
Microcell Connexions at York & The Gardiner Expressway (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Dovercourt & Dundas (Toronto)
Bell Mobility at Dundas & Hurontario (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Dixon & Hwy 401 (Etobicoke)
13-May-2002 Added Review of the Motorola V60g
10-May-2002 Telus PCS at Lawrence & Kennedy (Scarborough)
06-May-2002 Added Review of the Nokia 8390
02-May-2002 Telus PCS at Hwy 9 & Duffy's Lane (Caledon)
Telus PCS at Hwy 9 & Caledon-King Townline (Caledon)
29-Apr-2002 Telus PCS Repeater at Hwy 50 & Hwy 7 (Brampton)
Telus PCS at Hwy 24 & Hwy 136 (Coulterville)
Telus PCS at Hwy 9 & RR7 (Mono Mills)
28-Apr-2002 Telus Mike at Simcoe & Conlin (Oshawa)
Telus Mike on Highway 27 (Kleinberg)
Telus Mike at Niagara River Parkway & Murray (Niagara Falls)
Telus Mike at Four Mile Creek & Lakeshore (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Telus Mike at Elgin & Talbot (St. Thomas)
Telus Mike on Yarmouth north of Hwy 3 (St. Thomas)
Telus Mike at Hwy 406 & Hwy 20 (Welland)
27-Apr-2002 Telus PCS at Stone Church Road & Mohawk (Hamilton)
Telus PCS at Hwy 20 & Highland (Hamilton)
26-Apr-2002 Telus Mike at Airport Road & Mayfield (Caledon)
Bell Mobility at Airport Road & Mayfield (Caledon)
25-Apr-2002 Bell Mobility at Bathurst & Lawrence (North York)

Added Mini Review of the Ericsson T66

22-Apr-2002 Telus Mike at London & Yonge (Newmarket)
Telus Mike at William Roe & Yonge (Newmarket)
Telus PCS at William Roe & Yonge (Newmarket)
Telus Mike at Jarvis & The Esplanade (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Dundas & River Street (Toronto)
20-Apr-2002 Microcell Connexions at Charlton & Walnut (Lower Hamilton)
17-Apr-2002 Microcell Connexions at Safari Road & Hwy 6 (Flamborough)
16-Apr-2002 Bell Mobility at Hwy 403 & Hwy 407 (Mississauga)
12-Apr-2002 Telus Mike at Derry & Hwy 410 (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Glidden & Kennedy (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Elgin & Main (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Dundas & Hwy 6 (Clappison's Corners)
Telus Mike at Safari Road & Hwy 6 (Harper Corners)
Telus Mike at Finch & Bathurst (North York)
Telus Mike at Kennedy & Sheppard (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at McCowan & Eglinton (Scarborough)
07-Apr-2002 Telus Mike at Mavis & Dundas (Mississauga)
Bell Mobility at Mavis & Dundas (Mississauga)
05-Apr-2002 Microcell Connexions at Upper Sherman & Rymal (Hamilton)
Telus PCS at Upper James & Rymal (Hamilton)
02-Apr-2002 Telus PCS as Sewells & Steeles (Scarborough)
01-Apr-2002 Bell Mobility & Hwy 400 & Hwy 11 (Barrie)
Added Bell Mobility Maps for Ottawa and Downtown Ottawa
30-Mar-2002 Telus Mike at Carlton & Yonge (Toronto)
29-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Wellesley & Parliament (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Carlton & Yonge (Toronto)
Bell Mobility at Wellesley & Jarvis (Toronto)
Telus Mike at 14th Avenue & Hwy 404 (Markham)
28-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Cawthra & QEW (Mississauga)
25-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Dawes & Victoria Park (Scarborough)
23-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Sheppard & McCowan (Scarborough)
Microcell Connexions at Military Trail & Neilson (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at McCowan & Hwy 401 (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility at Kingston Road & Harwood (Ajax)
Bell Mobility at Davisville & Yonge (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Kirby & Hwy 400 (Vaughan)
22-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions on Eglinton west of Avenue Road (Toronto)
Expanded Toronto Core Maps to just north of Eglinton
21-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Cold Creek Road & Kirby (Bolton)
Microcell Connexions at Davisville & Yonge (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Hwy 403 & QEW (Mississauga)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 403 & QEW (Mississauga)
16-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Charles & Bay (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Bayview & Moore (North York)
Added Review of the Motorola V101
14-Mar-2002 Telus PCS at Main & Queen (Mississauga)
Telus PCS at McLaughlin & Bristol (Mississauga)
12-Mar-2002 Microcell Connexions at Hwy 27 & Hwy 407 (Woodbridge)
10-Mar-2002 Telus PCS at Westminster & Rathburn (Mississauga)
09-Mar-2002 Rogers at Hwy 24 & Black Ridge Road (Hespeler)
Rogers at Southvale Crescent & Russell Road (Ottawa)
Rogers at 5th Sideroad & 5th Line (Rockwood)
06-Mar-2002 Rogers in Font Hill
02-Mar-2002 Telus Mike at Aurora Road & Hwy 404 (Aurora)
Telus Mike at Lorne Park & Lakeshore (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Queen & Main (Streetsville)
Telus Mike between Torbram and Bramalea on Derry (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Finch & Markham (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Neilsen & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Sewells & Steeles (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Finch & Altona (Pickering)
Telus Mike at Scarlet & Eglinton (Etobicoke)
Telus Mike at Keele & Lawrence (North York)
24-Feb-2002 Telus Mike at Pearson Terminal One (Mississauga)
23-Feb-2002 Microcell Connexions at Ansley Grove & Hwy 7 (Woodbridge)
18-Feb-2002 Microcell Connexions at Kipling & Lake Shore (Etobicoke)
10-Feb-2002 Microcell Connexions at Rutherford & Creditstone (Vaughan)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 427 & the QEW (Etobicoke)
06-Feb-2002 Bell Mobility at Helena & Hwy 3 (Fort Erie)
Bell Mobility at Burleigh Road & Hwy 3 (Crystal Beach)
Bell Mobility at South Brookfield & Netherby Road (Netherby)
28-Jan-2002 Bell Mobility near Point Albino Road & Oriole Line (Crystal Beach)
27-Jan-2002 Telus Mike at Langstaff & Hwy 400 (Woodbridge)
Telus PCS at Langstaff & Hwy 400 (Woodbridge)
20-Jan-2002 Telus PCS at Michener & Gorham (Crystal Beach)
18-Jan-2002 Telus Mike at Stanley & Hwy 405 (Niagara Falls)
08-Jan-2002 Rogers at Hwy 6 South & Hwy 401
Rogers at Bridge Street & Erie Avenue (Niagara Falls)
Rogers at Stanley & Hwy 405 (Niagara Falls)
02-Jan-2002 Telus Mike at Langstaff & Dufferin (Vaughan)