Complete History of changes in 1999

13-Dec-1999 Added Review of the Motorola L-7089
Updates to all four Photo Galleries
12-Dec-1999 Telus Mike near Clark & Hwy 410 (Brampton)
11-Dec-1999 Rogers on Morningside, north of Sheppard (Scarborough)
Telus Mike outside Scarborough Town Centre (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Conlins & 401 (Scarborough)
09-Dec-1999 Microcell Connexions at Mississauga Road & QEW (Mississauga)
Bell Mobility PCS on office building at Yorkdale (Toronto)
07-Dec-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Dixie & Derry (Mississauga)
04-Dec-1999 Microcell Connexions at Pharmacy & Sheppard (Scarborough)
03-Dec-1999 Microcell Connexions at Langstaff & Creditstone (Vaughan)
Telus Mike & PCS at Langstaff & Creditstone (Vaughan)
Telus PCS at Steeles & Bayview (Toronto)
29-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at Pharmacy & Eglinton (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility ANALOG at Hurontario & Highway 24 (Caledon)
Rogers in downtown Guelph
Rogers at Highway 401 & Highway 8 (Kitchener)
Rogers on Highway 401, west of Homer Watson (Kitchener)
Rogers in New Dundee (Kitchener)
27-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at The Collegeway & Glen Erin (Mississauga)
26-Nov-1999 Added Review of the Mitsubishi G75
20-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at Leslie & Finch (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Oakwood & St. Clair (Toronto)
19-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at Lakeshore & Inverhouse (Mississauga) - see notes
Microcell Connexions at Dundas & Credit Woodlands (Mississauga) - see notes
14-Nov-1999 Telus PCS at Warden & 14th Avenue (Markham)
Rogers at Mohawk & Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway (Hamilton)
13-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at The Queensway & Stanfield (Mississauga)
08-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at Highway 7 & Highway 50 (Brampton)
06-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions at Mississauga Road & Highway 401 (Mississauga) - see notes
05-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions on Rutherford, west of Bathurst (Thornhill)
Microcell Connexions near Observatory Lane & Yonge (Thornhill)
03-Nov-1999 Microcell Connexions on Rathburn at the Etobicoke Creek (Mississauga)
30-Oct-1999 Microcell Connexions on Weston Road north of Lawrence (Weston)
Microcell Connexions at Park Lawn & the QEW (Toronto)
Bell Mobility PCS on Weston Road south of St. Phillips (Weston)
29-Oct-1999 Telus Mike on Lakeshore between Kipling & Islington (Etobicoke)
28-Oct-1999 Telus Mike at Avenue Road & Highway 401 (Toronto)
25-Oct-1999 Microcell Connexions at Highway 407 & Highway 404 (Markham)
Microcell Connexions at Highway 407 & Pine Valley Road (Woodbridge)
24-Oct-1999 Telus Mike on Lakeridge Road south of Uxbridge
23-Oct-1999 Rogers at Chinguacousy & Queen (Brampton)
Microcell Connexions near Albion & The Humber River (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions near Keele & Lawrence (Toronto)
Bell PCS at Weston & Steeles (Toronto)
Bell PCS at Warden & Highway 7 (Markham)
Bell PCS at Yonge & 16th Avenue (Thornhill)
21-Oct-1999 Microcell Connexions at Terry Fox Way & Bristol (Mississauga)
16-Oct-1999 Bell PCS at Lake Shore & 24th Street (Etobicoke)
Possible Bell PCS near Warden & Danforth
12-Oct-1999 Telus Mike at White Road & Taunton (Pickering)
Telus Mike at Garden Street & Rossland (Whitby)
Telus Mike at Brock Road & Taunton (Pickering)
Telus PCS at Brock Road & Taunton (Pickering)
10-Oct-1999 Microcell Connexions at Bayview & Highway 401 (Toronto)
09-Oct-1999 Telus Mike at Townline Road & Highway 401 (Oshawa)
Telus Mike at Wentworth & Park Street (Oshawa)
Telus Mike at Brock Road & 7th Concession (Pickering)
01-Oct-1999 Microcell Connexions at Britannia & Glen Erin (Mississauga) - see notes
25-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility PCS near Main Street East & 406 (Welland)
Rogers near Main Street East & 406 (Welland)
Bell Mobility now has PCS on old site at Humberstone & 58 (Welland)
Bell Mobility analog & PCS in Port Colborne
20-Sep-1999 Telus Mike at Highway 7 & Highway 12 (Brooklyn)
18-Sep-1999 Microcell Connexions on Victoria Park between Ellesmere and Lawrence (Toronto)
15-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Airport Road & 409 (Mississauga)
13-Sep-1999 New FAQ and Editorial
12-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at University & College (Toronto)
Rogers at Spadina & Dundas (Toronto)
Bell Mobility is now Analog Only at Glenlake & High Park Boulevard (Toronto)
10-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Midland & Kingston Road (Scarborough)
Microcell Connexions at Donlands & Cosburn (Toronto)
05-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility at Mayfield & Heart Lake Road (Brampton)
04-Sep-1999 Bell Mobility Analog just outside Uxbridge on Highway 47
Bell Mobility at 16th Avenue & York-Durham Road (Markham)
Mike on Route 23 just north of Victoria Corners (near Uxbridge)
Rogers at 16th Avenue & York-Durham Road (Markham)
Telus PCS in Locust Hill on Highway 7 (Markham)
02-Sep-1999 Microcell Connexions at 427 & 401 (Etobicoke)
28-Aug-1999 Confirmed Activation: Microcell Connexions at Kennedy & 401 (Scarborough)
Bell Mobility PCS at Winston Churchill & Aquitaine (Mississauga)
22-Aug-1999 Bell Mobility at Wonderland Road & Fanshawe Park Road (London)
Bell Mobility PCS added to Airport Road & Highway 401 (London)
19-Aug-1999 General updates and improvements to existing pages
16-Aug-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Robert Speck Parkway & Hurontario (Mississauga) - see notes
15-Aug-1999 Microcell Connexions at Upper Middle Road & Brant (Burlington)
Telus PCS at New Street & Guelph Line (Burlington)
27-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Bloomington Sideroad & Yonge (Aurora)
25-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility Analog & PCS at Lyons Creek Road & QEW (Niagara Falls)
Bell Mobility PCS at the water filtration plant (Chippawa - Niagra Falls)
Microcell Connexions at the water filtration plant (Chippawa - Niagara Falls)
Microcell Connexions at Beck & QEW (Niagara Falls)
Telus Mike & PCS at Beck & QEW (Niagara Falls)
24-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility Analog & PCS at Highway 48 & Elgin Mills Road (Markham)
Microcell Connexions at Alton Towers & McCowan (Scarborough)
Microcell Connexions at Bathurst & Steeles (North York)
21-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Creekbank & Matheson (Mississauga) (Rogers Co-Location)
18-Jul-1999 Telus Mike & PCS on Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph
17-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility Analog & PCS at Highway 97 and route 47 (North Dumfries)
Bell Mobility PCS on St. Andrews Road, south of Galt
Bell Mobility PCS on Highway 8, just north of Highway 5 (Flamborough)
14-Jul-1999 Bell Mobility Analog & PCS at Major MacKenzie & Bayview (Thornhill)
Telus PCS & Mike at Major MacKenzie & Highway 48 (Markham)
12-Jul-1999 New FAQ Question: 6185/6188 Signal Strength Meter
02-Jul-1999 New 61xx Tip for Changing the Banner
30-Jun-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at 14th Avenue & 404 (Markham)
Bell Mobility Analog & PCS at Eglinton & Etobicoke Creek (Etobicoke)
Bell Mobility PCS added to site at Highway 27 & Dixon (Etobicoke)
29-Jun-1999 Bell Mobility PCS added to site at Trafalgar & Britannia (Milton)
26-Jun-1999 Bell Mobility PCS in Silver Creek (Halton Hills)
Bell Mobility Analog & PCS on Highway 24, west of Guelph
Correction: Bell Mobility in Glen Williams is analog only
23-Jun-1999 Nokia 6185/6188 Battery Life Tests
20-Jun-1999 Telus PCS at Sherbourne & Carlton (Downtown Toronto)
Telus Mike at Sherbourne & Carlton (Downtown Toronto)
Telus Mike at King & Spadina (Downtown Toronto)
Telus Mike at Queen & Jarvis (Downtown Toronto)
Bell Mobility PCS at Leslie & 401 (Toronto)
Bell Mobility PCS at 16th Avenue & Warden (Markham)
17-Jun-1999 Update to 61xx Tips and Tricks to include the 6185 and 6188
16-Jun-1999 Bell Mobility PCS at Symington & Bloor (Toronto)
Bell Mobility PCS in Streetsville
Bell Mobility PCS at Brock & Taunton (Pickering)
Bell Mobility Analog at St. Dennis & DVP (Toronto)
Bell Mobility PCS at Junction Road & Keele (Toronto)
Future Telus PCS on Whites south of Taunton (Pickering)
Microcell Connexions at East Avenue & Lawrence (Scarborough)
Future Microcell Connexions at Kennedy & 401 (Scarborough)
15-Jun-1999 Added article on Echo Cancellers.
14-Jun-1999 Telus Mike at Highway 410 & Bovaird (Brampton)
10-Jun-1999 Impressions of the 6185 and the 6188
06-Jun-1999 Microcell Connexions at 10th Sideroad & Trafalgar (near Georgetown)
Telus PCS at McFarlane & Guelph Street (Georgetown)
05-Jun-1999 Bell Mobility PCS in downtown Oshawa
30-May-1999 Telus PCS on Mohawk near Rick Avenue (Upper Hamilton)
Telus PCS at Fennell & James (Upper Hamilton)
29-May-1999 Confirmed Activation: Microcell Connexions on Governor's Road in west Dundas
Telus PCS on King east of Centennial (Stoney Creek)
Telus Mike at Kenilworth & Burlington Street (Hamilton)
Correction: Bell Mobility near Barton & James is Analog Only (Hamilton)
Correction: Bell Mobility at Barton & Parkdale is Analog & PCS (Hamilton)
23-May-1999 Confirmed Activation: Microcell Connexions at Northfield & King (Waterloo)
Move: Microcell Connexions site in NW Waterloo to south of Bearinger
22-May-1999 Rogers in northeast Aurora
Error: Rogers removed from Davis Drive & Yonge (Newmarket)
14-May-1999 Telus Mike at Junction Road & Keele (Toronto) (Microcell Connexions co-location)
12-May-1999 Rogers at Kennedy & Major MacKenzie (Markham)
Telus PCS at Kennedy & Major MacKenzie (Markham)
11-May-1999 Update Telus PCS Information for new price plans
01-May-1999 Telus Mike on Colonel Talbot, north of Southdale (London)
Correction: Bell Mobility site at Airport Road & Highway 401 is analog-only (London)
Telus PCS on Highway 401 east of Cambridge
27-Apr-1999 Telus Mike at Cawthra & the QEW (Mississauga)
25-Apr-1999 Correction: Bell Mobility site at Trafalgar & Britannia is analog-only (Milton)
22-Apr-1999 Updated Rogers Opinion Page
Updated Table
15-Apr-1999 Bell PCS at Bathurst & Finch (Toronto)
Future Microcell Connexions at Bathurst & Steeles (Toronto)
13-Apr-1999 Bell PCS adds picocells inside Square One (Mississauga)
10-Apr-1999 Bell PCS added to site at Weston & Highway 401 (Toronto)
08-Apr-1999 Added Mike London Map
07-Apr-1999 Telus PCS at Upper Middle Road & Brant (Burlington)
31-Mar-1999 Updated cityfone Information
26-Mar-1999 Telus Mike at Warden & 14th Avenue (Markham)
Correction: Bell Mobility site at Kennedy & Vodden is analog-only (Brampton)
23-Mar-1999 Added Mall Coverage Pages
22-Mar-1999 Bell PCS in downtown Oakville
14-Mar-1999 Bell Mobility in Acton
13-Mar-1999 Telus Mike on Victoria Park, just south of Lawrence (Toronto)
Telus PCS on Victoria Park, just south of Lawrence (Toronto)
12-Mar-1999 Telus Mike at Highway 409 & Highway 427 (Etobicoke)
10-Mar-1999 Rogers at Islington & Rutherford (Woodbridge)
07-Mar-1999 Future Microcell Connexions at Yonge & Bloomington (Aurora)
Telus PCS just south of Stouffville
Repositioned Mike site to correct location with site above
Repositioned Mike site outside Uxbridge
Bell site in Stouffville now PCS & Analog
Telus Mike at McCowan & Elgin Mills
02-Mar-1999 Updates to Bell Mobility rates and services
21-Feb-1999 Telus PCS at 9th Line & Highway 401 (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at 9th Line & Highway 401 (Mississauga)
20-Feb-1999 Microcell Connexions on Ferndale (Barrie)
Future Microcell Connexions on Telus tower at Highway 7 & Highway 400 (Vaughn)
Added Telus PCS Barrie Map
17-Feb-1999 Telus Mike at Dixie & Britannia (Mississauga)
Telus PCS at McLaughlin & Highway 401 (Mississauga)
09-Feb-1999 Updated information to include Telus's unlimited weeknight package
30-Jan-1999 Telus Mike at Islington & the QEW (Etobicoke)
Telus Mike at Parliament & the Gardiner Expressway (Toronto)
28-Jan-1999 Microcell Connexions at Don Mills & Sheppard (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Victoria Park & Highway 401 (Scarborough)
23-Jan-1999 Bell Mobility at Townline Road & Highway 401 (Oshawa)
Confirmed Activation: Microcell Connexions at Stevenson & Rossland (Oshawa)
04-Jan-1999 Telus Mike at Dundas & Highway 403 (Mississauga)
02-Jan-1999 Telus PCS on Walkers Line south of Dundas (Burlington)
Telus PCS on 3rd Line south of Upper Middle Road (Oakville)
Bell Mobility at Britannia & Trafalgar (Milton)