Complete History of changes in 2001

31-Dec-2001 Rogers at Keele & King Road (King City)
Bell Mobility near Gamble & Yonge (Thornhill)
29-Dec-2001 Added Telus Mike Maps for Ottawa and Downtown Ottawa
23-Dec-2001 Telus Mike near Derry & Bramalea Road (Mississauga)
Telus PCS near Derry & Bramalea Road (Mississauga)
Added Review of the Ericsson T68
21-Dec-2001 Telus Mike at Markham & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
17-Dec-2001 Added Telus PCS Maps for Ottawa and Downtown Ottawa
Microcell Connexions at Adelaide & Bathurst (Toronto)
15-Dec-2001 Bell Mobility at Winston Churchill & Hwy 401 (Mississauga)
13-Dec-2001 Added Review of the Motorola i90
10-Dec-2001 Added Rogers Maps for Ottawa and Downtown Ottawa
Rogers at Hwy 50 & Mayfield (Bolton)
Rogers at Holland Landing & Yonge (Newmarket)
Rogers at Greenwich & Newport (Brantford)
Rogers at Jerseyville Road & Hwy 2 (Brantford)
Rogers at Hwy 406 & Geneva (St. Catharines)
Microcell Connexions on Yorkland south of Sheppard (Scarborough)
08-Dec-2001 Bell Mobility at Mississauga Road & Hwy 401 (Mississauga)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 25 & Hwy 407 (Palermo)
Rogers at Derry & Hwy 401 (Mississauga)
01-Dec-2001 Microcell Connexions on 9th Line north of Bloomington (Stouffville)
Bell Mobility on 14th Avenue west of Kennedy (Markham)
28-Nov-2001 Microcell Connexions at Maple Grove & Huntmar (Ottawa)
Microcell Connexions at Shea & Fernbank (Ottawa)
Microcell Connexions on Rideau Valley Drive north of Bankfield (Ottawa)
24-Nov-2001 Telus Mike at Rathburn & Westminster (Mississauga)
17-Nov-2001 Microcell Connexions at Finch & Bayview (North York)
11-Nov-2001 Microcell Connexions at John & Bayview (Thornhill)
Telus Mike at Leslie & Steeles (North York)
10-Nov-2001 Added Review of the Motorola V66
07-Nov-2001 Added Review of the Samsung SCH-T300
05-Nov-2001 Added Review of the Motorola i80
03-Nov-2001 Added Review of the Motorola v120c
02-Nov-2001 Microcell Connexions at Jarvis & Dundas (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Roncesvalles & Fermanagh (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Victoria Park & Lawrence (Scarborough)
Microcell Connexions at Eramosa & Stevenson (Guelph)
01-Nov-2001 Microcell Connexions at St. George & North Park (Brantford)
24-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Weston & Steeles (Vaughan)
Telus Mike at Sentinel & Finch (North York)
22-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Parkside & Bloor (Toronto)
21-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Dorval & Speers Road (Oakville)
20-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Terry Fox Way & Bristol (Mississauga)
16-Oct-2001 Microcell Connexions at Margaret & Guelph Street (Kitchener)
Telus Mike at Yonge & Bloor (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Bathurst & Dupont (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Rathburn & The Etobicoke Creek (Mississauga)
15-Oct-2001 Added Review of the Motorola i85
Telus Mike at McCowan & Kingston (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Aurora Road & Kennedy (Whitchurch)
14-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Yonge & St. Clair (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Bayview & Moore (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Lakeridge & Taunton (Ajax)
Telus Mike at Royal York & Norseman (Etobicoke)
Telus Mike at Dufferin & Eglinton (York)
Telus Mike at Parliament & the Gardiner (Toronto)
13-Oct-2001 Microcell Connexions at King & Sheldon (Kitchener)
Telus Mike at Molson Park Road & Hwy 400 (Barrie)
Telus Mike at Westney & Kingston Road (Ajax)
Telus Mike at Lakeridge & Hwy 401 (Ajax)
Telus Mike at Hwy 6 & White Church (Hamilton)
Telus Mike on Russell Snider Road (Nobleton)
12-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Ossington & College (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Bloor & Christie (Toronto)
Telus Mike near Jane & St. Clear (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Bloor & Jane (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Bathurst & Steeles (North York)
Telus Mike at Finch & Bayview (North York)
Telus Mike at Hwy 401 & Bayview (North York)
Telus Mike at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (North York)
Telus Mike at Warden & Eglinton (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Midland & Ellesmere (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Kennedy & Lawrence (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Laura Secord Walk & Birchmount (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Coxwell & Queen (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Cosburn & Pape (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Vodden & Kennedy (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Williams Parkway & Main (Brampton)
10-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Wonderland & Fanshawe Park (London)
Telus Mike at Wonderland & Commissioners (London)
Telus Mike at Windermere & Western Road (London)
Telus Mike at Mill & Hwy 401 (London)
09-Oct-2001 Microcell Connexions at Stanley & Dunn (Niagara Falls)
08-Oct-2001 Telus Mike at Hamilton Street & Dundas (Waterdown)
Telus PCS at Hamilton Street & Dundas (Waterdown)
Telus Mike at Yonge & Carrville (Richmond Hill)
Telus Mike at Upper Ottawa & Stone Church (Hamilton)
Telus Mike at Limeridge & West 5th (Hamilton)
Telus Mike at Waterdown Road & Hwy 403 (Waterdown)
Telus Mike at Upper Middle Road & Brant (Burlington)
07-Oct-2001 Telus Mike on Brock University (St. Catharines)
Telus PCS on Brock University (St. Catharines)
Telus Mike at Hwy 407 & QEW (St. Catharines)
Telus Mike at Cherry Hill Boulevard & Hwy 3 (Crystal Beach)
Telus PCS at Cherry Hill Boulevard & Hwy 3 (Crystal Beach)
Telus PCS at Ardwick & Finch (North York) - State Unknown
04-Oct-2001 Microcell Connexions at Bayview & Major MacKenzie (Richmond Hill)
Microcell Connexions at Appleby & New (Burlington)
Microcell Connexions on Homelands, east of Winston Churchill (Mississauga)
Microcell Connexions at King & Union (Cambridge)
Microcell Connexions at Mt. Hope & York (Kitchener)
Microcell Connexions at Vine & Scott (St. Catharines)
03-Oct-2001 Bell Mobility at Glen Erin & Dundas (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Winston Churchill & QEW (Mississauga)
28-Sep-2001 Telus Mike at Jane & Steeles (North York)
Telus Mike at Creditstone & Hwy 7 (Vaughan)
27-Sep-2001 Added review of the Motorola P280
18-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Bayview & Hwy 407 (Richmond Hill)
Microcell Connexions at Kennedy & Bloomington (Whitchurch)
17-Sep-2001 Telus PCS at Langstaff & Creditstone (Vaughan)
Added review of the Motorola P7389i
16-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Terminal 1 (Mississauga), See Notes
15-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Hwy 401 & Scotland (London)
Bell Mobility at Southdale & Wellington (London)
14-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Vine & Carlton (St. Catharines)
12-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Bramalea Road & Steeles (Brampton)
Microcell Connexions at Hwy 50 & Hwy 407 (Brampton)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 50 & Hwy 407 (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Hwy 50 & Steeles (Brampton)
10-Sep-2001 Telus Mike at The Collegeway & Glen Erin (Mississauga)
08-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at 14th Avenue & Woodbine (Markham)
Microcell Connexions at Van Horne & Victoria Park (Scarborough) - Now a Full Site
Microcell Connexions at Industrial Parkway & Engelhard (Aurora), See Notes
Bell Mobility at Orchard Heights & Yonge (Aurora)
07-Sep-2001 Telus Mike at Dawes Road & Victoria Park (Scarborough)
06-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Danforth & Main (East York)
Microcell Connexions at Kirby & Keele (Vaughan)
Microcell Connexions at Midland & Kingston (Scarborough) - Now a Full Site
Microcell Connexions on Harbor Castle Hotel (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions near Hwy 401 & Parson Road (London)
Microcell Connexions near Hwy 401 & Union Road (London)
03-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Westney & Hwy 7 (Greenwood)
Rogers at Westney & Hwy 7 (Greenwood)
Bell Mobility at Taunton & Lakeridge (Whitby)
Baldwin & Ashbury (Whitby)
Telus Mike on Humberline (Etobicoke)
Telus PCS on Humberline (Etobicoke)
Added Mini Review of the Nokia 6185i
02-Sep-2001 Telus Mike at Glen Erin & Britannia (Mississauga)
01-Sep-2001 Microcell Connexions at Glen & Wentworth (Oshawa)
Telus Mike at Dundas & Thickson (Whitby)
25-Aug-2001 Telus Mike in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Bell Mobility at Quaker & Rice (Welland)
18-Aug-2001 Rogers at Torrance & Lakeshore (Burlington)
13-Aug-2001 Added First Impressions of Rogers GSM
12-Aug-2001 Microcell Connexions on St. John's Sideroad east of Bayview (Newmarket)
Microcell Connexions at Holland Court & Holland Street (Bradford)
Microcell Connexions at Hwy 400 & Kirby (Vaughan)
08-Aug-2001 Bell Mobility at Steeles & Don Mills (North York)
06-Aug-2001 Microcell Connexions at Steeles & Bramalea Road (Brampton)
Microcell Connexions at Jane & Eglinton (North York)
Microcell Connexions at Caledonia & Eglinton (North York)
Telus Mike at Cawthra & Dundas (Mississauga)
Bell Mobility at Hwy 7 & Hwy 27 (Woodbridge)
02-Aug-2001 Telus Mike at Lakeshore & Cawthra (Mississauga)
30-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions in East Stouffville
Telus Mike at Lake Shore & Browns Line (Etobicoke)
29-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions at Islington & Dixon (Etobicoke)
28-Jul-2001 Rogers at Westmount & Victoria (Kitchener)
Bell Mobility at Weber & Northfield (Waterloo)
24-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions at Bristol & Hurontario (Mississauga)
23-Jul-2001 Added review of the Ericsson T39m
22-Jul-2001 Telus Mike at Warden & 1Major MacKenzie (Markham)
21-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions at Confederation & Dundas (Mississauga)
Microcell Connexions at Mt. Albion & Greenhill (Hamilton)
Rogers at Main & Hwy 403 (Hamilton)
20-Jul-2001 Bell Mobility at Bloor & The West Mall (Etobicoke)
Bell Mobility at Steeles & Hwy 400 (North York)
17-Jul-2001 Telus Mike at Keele & Weston (North York)
16-Jul-2001 Telus PCS at Keele & Sheppard (North York)
Telus Mike at Keele & Sheppard (North York)
14-Jul-2001 Telus PCS at Humberstone & Canal Bank Road (Welland)
Telus Mike at Humberstone & Canal Bank Road (Welland)
07-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions at 8th Line & 22nd Sideroad (Georgetown)
Bell Mobility at Queen & Hwy 410 (Brampton)
03-Jul-2001 Added review of the Siemens S40
02-Jul-2001 Microcell Connexions at Major MacKenzie & Hwy 404 (Richmond Hill)
Microcell Connexions at Major MacKenzie & Bathurst (Richmond Hill)
Telus Mike at Dufferin & Hwy 401 (North York)
30-Jun-2001 Bell Mobility at Leslie & Lake Shore (Toronto)
28-Jun-2001 Added Rogers GSM Site IDs
27-Jun-2001 Added review of the Ericsson R520m
26-Jun-2001 Rogers at Collier & Poyntz (Barrie)
Rogers at Cundles & Bayfield (Barrie)
Rogers in Keswick
Rogers in Sutton
18-Jun-2001 New Editorial: Future CODECS and what we might have to put up with
17-Jun-2001 Bell Mobility at West Street & Market Street (Brantford)
Telus Mike at Colborne & Gilkison (Brantford)
16-Jun-2001 Microcell Connexions at Hurontario & Dundas (Mississauga)
14-Jun-2001 Microcell Connexions at Inverhouse & Lakeshore (Mississauga) - Now a Full Site
11-Jun-2001 Telus PCS at Essa & Queen (Bradford)
Telus Mike at Essa & Queen (Bradford)
10-Jun-2001 Microcell Connexions at Duncanwoods Drive & Finch (North York)
02-Jun-2001 Microcell Connexions at Glen Erin & Britannia (Mississauga) - Now a Full Site (ID=317)
01-Jun-2001 Microcell Connexions at Division & King (Bowmanville)
Microcell Connexions at Hwy 12 & Hwy 7 (Brooklyn)
25-May-2001 Added review of the Nokia 7190
19-May-2001 Rogers at Dingman & White Oak (London)
Rogers at Wharncliffe & Riverside (London)
Rogers in downtown core (London)
Rogers at Clarke & Oxford (London)
05-May-2001 Bell Mobility PCS at King & Conestoga Parkway (Kitchener)
Bell Mobility PCS at William & King (Waterloo)
Rogers on Highway 401 just east of Hespeler
02-May-2001 Bell Mobility PCS near Hwy 410 & Steeles (Mississauga)
29-Apr-2001 Microcell Connexions at Fennell & Wellington (Upper Hamilton)
21-Apr-2001 Telus PCS at Goreway & Steeles (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Goreway & Steeles (Brampton)
Telus Mike at Jane & Sheppard (North York)
17-Apr-2001 Microcell Connexions at Holt & Hwy 401 (Courtice)
Rogers at Courtice & Bloor (Courtice)
13-Apr-2001 Microcell Connexions at Eglinton & Mt. Pleasant (East York)
07-Apr-2001 Bell Mobility PCS at Hwy 27 & Nashville Road (Kleinberg)
06-Apr-2001 Microcell Connexions at Teston Road & Kipling (Kleinberg)
05-Apr-2001 Rogers at Hwy 11 & 8th Concession (Bradford)
Telus PCS & Mike at 14th & Markham Road (Markham)
01-Apr-2001 Bell Mobility PCS at Ontario & Steeles (Milton)
31-Mar-2001 Microcell Connexions at Royal York & Dundas (Etobicoke) - See Notes
Telus Mike at Islington & Dixon (Etobicoke)
25-Mar-2001 Microcell Connexions at Humber Blvd & Alliance (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Symington & Davenport (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Glenlake & Pacific (Toronto)
24-Mar-2001 Telus PCS at Trafalgar & Hwy 7 (Silver Creek)
21-Mar-2001 Microcell Connexions at McCowan & Finch (Scarborough)
Microcell Connexions at Denison & Esna Park (Markham)
18-Mar-2001 Added article about Frequency Hopping
17-Mar-2001 Microcell Connexions in the Town of Rockwood
Telus PCS in the Town of Rockwood
Bell Mobility on Hwy 25 near Speyside
09-Mar-2001 Review of the Motorola V2282
06-Mar-2001 Rogers at Creditview & Hwy 7 (Mississauga)
Rogers on Casino Niagara (Niagara Falls)
Rogers at Rose Hill Road & Dominion Road (Ft. Erie)
05-Mar-2001 Larger Map for Orangeville Added
Larger Map for Hamilton Added
Rogers at Hwy 56 & Golf Club Road (Hamilton)
Rogers at Wilson St. and Sulphur Springs Road (Ancaster)
Rogers at Hwy 3 & Helena Street (Ft. Erie)
Rogers at QEW & Baker Road (Ft. Erie)
Rogers at Hwy 20 & Lookout Street (Font Hill)
Rogers at Lakeshore Road and Government Street (St. Catharines)
04-Mar-2001 Larger Map for Core of Toronto Added
02-Mar-2001 Microcell Connexions at Dovercourt & Bloor (Toronto)
Microcell Connexions at Gerrard & Pape (Toronto)
Telus PCS at Dufferin & Queen (Toronto)
28-Feb-2001 Telus Mike at Goreway & Hwy 7 (Brampton)
24-Feb-2001 Microcell Connexions on Hwy 7 Between Guelph and Waterloo
Bell Mobility near Walkers Line & QEW (Burlington)
Rogers near Walkers Line & QEW (Burlington)
13-Feb-2001 Telus Mike at Hwy 25 & Dundas (Palermo)
11-Feb-2001 Telus Mike at McLaughlin & Hwy 401 (Mississauga)
Rogers at Erindale Station Road & Dundas (Mississauga)
28-Jan-2001 Microcell Connexions at Queen & Parliament (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Danforth & Don Valley Parkway (Toronto)
Telus Mike at Dundas & Spadina (Toronto)
21-Jan-2001 Telus Mike at Hwy 409 & Hwy 27 (Etobicoke)
20-Jan-2001 Telus Mike at Leslie & Sheppard (North York)
Telus Mike at Don Mills & Lawrence (North York)
Rogers at Notion Road & Hwy 401 (Pickering)
13-Jan-2001 Microcell Connexions at Courtneypark & Hwy 410 (Mississauga)
Telus Mike at Major MacKenzie & Hwy 404 (Markham)
12-Jan-2001 Microcell Connexions at Dixie & Burnhamthorpe (Mississauga) - See Notes
07-Jan-2001 Microcell Connexions at McCowan & Lawrence (Scarborough)
Telus Mike at Kingston & Rougemount Drive (Pickering)
01-Jan-2001 Telus Mike at Wellington Road 26 & Hwy 24 (Guelph)
Telus PCS at Wellington Road 26 & Hwy 24 (Guelph)
Telus Mike at Hwy 25 & Hwy 24 (Erin)
Telus PCS at Hwy 25 & Hwy 24 (Erin)